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Windows doesn’t recognize MOD as you plug it

Certain Windows systems don't recognize the MOD as a network device or fail to find the correct driver.
Use this driver for such cases:

For more information see Troubleshooting_Windows_Connection.

Can't connect to the Web GUI in my Mac OS

If you are not able to connect to your MOD device using Mac OS, please check Troubleshooting Mac OS Network

MOD does not boot, stuck on 'MOD Duo' screen

If the unit becomes unbootable for some reason, we might need to reinstall the OS inside.
We can boot the unit in recovery mode for safe reinstall, boot over USB if recovery partition is broken, or perform a full factory reset (which will erase all your data).

For more information see Troubleshooting_Reinstall.

Note that the MOD Duo is not software brickable, you can always reinstall its OS.

It is possible to make the MOD Duo X unbootable though, if the bootloader or restore partition are corrupted.
The only way that can happen is if you remove the power supply during the very small period of the software update when the bootloader and restore parition are replaced, or if you intentionally break them.
In such cases it is still possible to recover data, but one needs a imx8mq developer kit in order to boot a custom image/payload (which the MOD team has).

MOD produces a lot of noise when plugged in my current setup (Ground Loop)

If you use other equipment along with your MOD and it starts producing loud noises when plugged in, you might be experiencing a Ground Loop. This could be other pedals, an amplifier, or even your computer.

In short, ground loops may occur when you have multiple audio equipments grounded to different power sources but connected between each other. This situation can happen with MOD Duo X because it is a device that is actually referenced to earth.

To check if that is the case, try to isolate the power of the MOD Duo X and see if it changes your results. One thing that helps is to make sure the MOD Duo X and all other equipment are connected to the same power socket.

Another way these ground loops can occur is by connecting to a PC or laptop which has a really bad power supply, so try disconnecting it from the PC.

References on Ground Loops:

MOD Duo X screens freeze

If your Duo X unit's screen stops operating properly (basically frozen) after a few minutes of usage, please try disabling the audio peakmeter service (in the advanced settings of the web GUI).
Use the advanced settings to trigger a power off of the unit, and then manual turn off and on the power again.
If this indeed fixes the screen freeze issue, please contact support to get your unit replaced.

If the issue is not fixed, try enabling the workaround to automatically restart the screen (also in the advanced settings).
Please post in our forums if you need to do this, so we can fix whatever causes it.

Failed to connect to MOD Cloud

If you see the "Failed to connect to MOD Cloud" message, you should try the following:

  • First of all, double-check your internet connection
  • There have been reports of some browser extensions that might prevent the MOD Web GUI to connect to the cloud. Try deactivating some extensions. One extension reported was the "Firefox Privacy Badger". Do you know any other extension that is causing issues? Please share with us!

Using Firefox and 'noscript' add-on prevents loading of cloud pedalboards

Open noscript preferences, then go to the advanced tab, then 'ABE'. The system ruleset should look like this:

# Prevent Internet sites from requesting LAN resources.
Accept from LOCAL
Accept from

Note the new 'Accept from ...' rule. This makes noscript accept requests from cloud pedalboards into the local network.