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Windows doesn’t recognize MOD as you plug it

Certain Windows systems don't recognize the MOD as a network device or fail to find the correct driver.
Use this driver for such cases:

For more information see Troubleshooting_Windows_Connection.

MOD does not boot, stuck on 'MOD Duo' screen

If the Duo becomes unbootable for some reason, we need to reinstall the OS inside.
We can boot the Duo in recovery mode for safe reinstall, boot over USB if recovery partition is broken, or perform a full factory reset (which will erase all your data).

For more information see Troubleshooting_Reinstall.

Note that the MOD Duo is not software brickable, you can always reinstall its OS.

Using Firefox and 'noscript' add-on prevents loading of cloud pedalboards

Open noscript preferences, then go to the advanced tab, then 'ABE'. The system ruleset should look like this:

# Prevent Internet sites from requesting LAN resources.
Accept from LOCAL
Accept from

Note the new 'Accept from ...' rule. This makes noscript accept requests from cloud pedalboards into the local network.