Troubleshooting Mac OS Network

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If the connection between the MOD and your Mac OS computer fails to work, here is a step by step guide to recreate the connection.

We have had cases where everything was working fine, till one day the connection failed. Recreating the connection with the steps below fixes this, and others, situations.

1. Open system preferences (apple logo topleft corner > system preferences)


2. Open the network settings

3. Look to see if "Duo Ethernet" shows up

4. If it DOES show up, then REMOVE IT and continue

5. There should now be NO "Duo Ethernet" adapter


6. Press the "+" button

7. Select "Duo Ethernet" as the option for the "Interface" dropdown list


8. Press the "Create" button

9. Press apply


10. Power off the Duo, take out the USB cable

11. Plug everything back in again and power on the Duo

12. When the Duo is booted, Duo Ethernet connection should display an IP address and Subnet mask. See screenshot below: