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This page is for list of curation items MOD does on plugins before publishing them to the Plugin Store.

Please note that, due to this list not being created from the start, a few of the already published plugins do not check all boxes. An on-going effort to bring up the quality of all plugins already in the store is in place.

New plugins MUST follow these rules:

  1. builds through mod-plugin-builder as a buildroot package (todo add doc links)
  2. has a modgui
  3. has at least 1 preset (the "default" one, matching default plugin values)
  4. has a comment/description on its meta-data
  5. has a valid version
  6. has correct and consistent brand name (todo explain what it means, max characters, how to name individuals etc. For example "Guitarix" [not "Guitarix team"] and "F. Coelho" [not "Filipe C."])
  7. has on/off switch on its modgui
  8. has no memory errors or leaks (todo explain how to test)
  9. homepage must be valid
  10. plugin comment with copyright attribution when needed (todo give example)
  11. use 0-100 (percentage) instead of 0-1 range where it makes sense
  12. no underscores on plugin name
  13. no brand name on plugin name

Recommended but not absolutely required:

  1. parameters use real values (that is, not normalized)
  2. if plugin uses real values, use units to indicate their meaning
  3. synths should have a few presets, not just the default
  4. maximum 2 plugins per lv2 bundle please
  5. modgui is nicely draggable
  6. have automatable parameters (no zipper noise or harsh noise when changed abruptely)
  7. consume around or less than 50% cpu load on a duo
  8. on and off audible volume should be consistent, unless obviously not the case (ie, has a gain parameter)
  9. short but descriptive parameter names
  10. plugin name in "Title" form (first case letter uppercase, rest lowercase)
  11. parameter names in "Title" form (first case letter uppercase, rest lowercase)
  12. parameter name on modgui should match name on settings
  13. click-free bypass

Nice to have but not required in any way

  1. Have a good collection of presets if they make sense for the plugin, for the most common used cases of such a plugin
  2. modgui has a correct shadow property
  3. has a custom modgui design, instead of generic mod-sdk generated