MIDI Controllers tested by the community

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This page gather contribution from the community to organize a list of tested MIDI controllers and how they work with MOD.

IMPORTANT: This is not an exhaustive list of all compatible MIDI controllers. Any class-compliant MIDI controller should work with both MOD Duo and MOD Duo X out of the box.

Want to contribute? Feel free to edit this page or post your contribution in the forum


Device Contributed by More information
Keith McMillen SoftStep @jesseverhage
Behringer FCB1010 @jesseverhage even better when using a different firmware chip, lots of people swap the original chip out to get more control
Morningstar MC6 @jesseverhage
iCon G-board @Oskar_Molander Only problem is that the LEDs on it doesn’t turn on when a footswitch is engaged. Seems to be a problem with the software within the iCon.
Akai MPK Mini @Oskar_Molander Works awesome


Device Contributed by More information
Keith McMillen QuNexus @jesseverhage
Keith McMillen K-board @jesseverhage
Nectar Impact series @jesseverhage