How To Use Docker Toolbox With MPB

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This is a quick start guide to get the mod-plugin-plugin working inside docker, running in Windows or MacOS.

If you're not using Linux please install Docker Toolbox, so you can access docker from within a nice pre-setup VM for it.

Pre-compiled image

After you install and run docker toolbox you should be presented with a command-line interface.
This console is actually running Linux inside a virtual machine, but without you having to do any configuration or setup.

To begin, we download the pre-compiled mod-plugin-builder docker image by running:

$ docker run -ti --name mpb -p 9000:9000 moddevices/mod-plugin-builder

If you wish to have a local folder accessible inside the docker environment, use the '-v' argument with the local and docker mapped folder joined by a semi-colon. Like this:

$ docker run -ti --name mpb -p 9000:9000 -v ~/local-mod-folder:/tmp/local-mod-folder moddevices/mod-plugin-builder

Some notes:

  • The image size is around 1Gb, split across several files.
  • The previous commands will create a new docker environment every time you run them. You only need them once.

After you close the console window, you can resume where you left off by running:

$ docker start -i mpb

Full build (advanced, long)

If you don't want to use a pre-compiled image, you can build mod-plugin-builder yourself. To begin, start docker and run:

$ git clone --depth 1 git://
$ cd mod-plugin-builder/docker
$ docker build -t mod-plugin-builder .

Note: It will take a very long time...

After it's done, we create a container from mod-plugin-builder by running:

$ docker run -ti --name mpb -p 9000:9000 -v ~/local-mod-folder:/tmp/local-mod-folder mod-plugin-builder
$ exit

That's it, the command to start the mod-plugin-builder environment is:

$ docker start -i mpb

You can find more information about docker here.