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== Plugin Development ==
== Plugin Development ==
Quick version:
To get started, check out [[How_To_Build_and_Deploy_LV2_Plugin_to_MOD_Duo|THIS]] wiki page.
* [[How_To_Build_and_Deploy_LV2_Plugin_to_MOD_Duo]]  
A longer, detailed version is currently in progress.
A longer, detailed version is currently in progress.

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Welcome to the MOD Wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to MOD.

Side-shot of the MOD Duo
Part of a production batch of MOD Duos


All documentation on the MOD Duo, its web interface and its plugins is in the manual found below.

THIS MANUAL IS A WORK IN PROGRESS you are very welcome to contribute!

Chapter 1: Device In this chapter you can find all the information you need about the MOD Duo
Chapter 2: Web interface In this chapter we talk about the graphical user interface, accessible through your favorite browser
Chapter 3: Plugins This chapter gives information on the plugins that run inside the MOD Duo
Chapter 4: Warnings Read this chapter if you want to be on the safe side of using the MOD Duo
Chapter 5: Resources This chapter presents a list of resources that we think are worth checking out


There is a great community on our forum page that can offer you support on nearly all aspects of the MOD Duo.
Visit our forums at: http://forum.moddevices.com

It is also possible to e-mail us directly at: support@moddevices.com

Don't forget to checkout the Troubleshooting page to see if your issue has been solved already.


Q: How do I get to the web interface?
A: Connect the MOD Duo to your PC, open your browser and navigate to if connected via USB or if using Bluetooth.
Starting from version 1.2 you can also use modduo.local.

Q: Can I use my MOD Duo without a computer?
A: Yes! The computer is only used to set up your device. When you are done, simply disconnect the USB cable and take your MOD Duo wherever you like.

Q: Can I use another power supply for my MOD Duo?
A: We recommend using the official power supply, as it keeps the noise-level low. Using a power supply with identical specifications is possible, though not supported by us.

Q: Can I hook up MIDI devices?
A: You can hook up external MIDI controllers to the MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT or USB-A ports. If USB-MIDI is used, the device ports need to be added through the web interface.

Q: Can I hook up multiple USB-MIDI devices?
A: Yes! Simply add a USB-hub to the USB-A port on the back of the MOD Duo, and plug your USB-MIDI devices into the hub.

Plugin Development

To get started, check out THIS wiki page.

A longer, detailed version is currently in progress.