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MOD SDK screenshot
The SDK Wizard
The SDK's goal is to allow LV2 plugin developers to implement the MOD Graphical User Interface extension.

In MOD Devices, every plugin has a real pedal like representation in a web based environment, with several plugins in a pedalboard. For this, each plugin must have its html code that allows the browser to properly render it.

This SDK provides the following funcionality:

  • Allows developers test the plugin's GUI
  • A wizard to easily create a plugin GUI without the need to write any line of code, simply choosing from templates.
  • Deploy plugins into your MOD

Running the SDK

The easiest way to run the MOD SDK is to use its Docker image. This way you dont have to install anything special and bother with complicated environment settings. Simply install docker and run the provided image.

Running the SDK on Windows

1. First of all, install Docker. Visit the Docker website, download it and follow the installation wizard. It is as simple as installing any other application in Windows.

When you first launch Docker, it might ask you to restart your computer.

2. Choose a folder where you will store your LV2 plugins bundles. In this folder place all the bundles you want to test with the SDK

3. Pull the SDK image from Docker Hub.

Open the Command prompt and type

docker pull leogermani/modsdk_test

You only need to run this command the first time. It will download the image and store it locally.

4. Once the download is completed, run the following command, replacing the path with the path of the folder where you are storing your LV2 bundles.

docker run -p 9000:9000 -v /c/Users/my-user/my-lv2-folder:/lv2 leogermani/modsdk_test

In the command above, my chosen folder is C:\Users\my-user\my-lv2-folder. When you run this command, Windows will ask if you give permission to share this folder with Docker. Accept it and continue.


5. Now open your browser and visit localhost:9000

Running the SDK on Linux

Once docker is installed, pull and run the image:

docker pull leogermani/modsdk_test

docker run -p 9000:9000 -v /home/my-user/my-lv2-folder:/lv2 leogermani/modsdk_test

Now open your browser and visit localhost:9000

Running the SDK on Mac

Building the SDK

If you are using Linux, you have the option to build the SDK and to run it locally in your computer. In order to do this, please follow the instructions in the Github repository.