Chapter 4: Warnings

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This small chapter gives you information on what to definitely NOT do with your MOD Duo.

  • Don't expose the MOD Duo to liquids, although it has been manufactured to prevent death-by-beer, it's generally a good idea not to submerge electronics in liquids.
  • When inserting the USB-B cable into the MOD Duo, make sure that you are not accidentally plugging it into the Control Chain socket, this can cause a short-circuit.
  • Don't connect the MOD Duo's Control Chain port to a regular Ethernet port, it uses a very different protocol, and may damage your MOD Duo.
  • To power up the MOD Duo, only use a 12V-DC, center-positive adapter. Using a reverse polarity adapter (like the average guitar pedal adapter) may destroy the circuitry of the MOD Duo. When in doubt, only use the provided power supply.
  • When connecting output 1/2 to unbalanced equipment, only do this using mono cables. When you use stereo cables, the MOD Duo works in balanced mode, which may or may not be harmful for your equipment.

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