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Stable Releases
Date Main features Download link
1.9 2020/04/29 CV addressings; CV hardware support; Smooth peakmeters; Duo X potentiometer calibration; UI/UX improvements; Duo mainline Duo: modduo-v1.9.1.1463.tar

Duo X: modduox-v1.9.1.1455.tar

1.8 2020/02/06 Actuator groups; MIDI separated mode; Tempo divider addressings; Actuator lists pagination Duo: modduo-v1.8.5.1102.tar

Duo X: modduox-v1.8.5.1103.tar

1.7 2019/09/16 Duo X launch; MIDI aggregator; Pages; Redesigned screen menu; User profiles; Unlocked parameters; CV category Duo: modduo-v1.7.4.867.tar

Duo X: modduox-v1.7.4.855.tar

1.6 2019/07/11 Commercial Plugin Store; New PB screenshot; Unstable -> Beta; Sharing PB with beta plugins; Display brightness control menu option modduo-v1.6.3.696.tar
1.5 2017/10/10 Global Tempo & Sync; Settings Panel; Backup and restore user data; Usability changes modduo-v1.5.0.536.tar
1.4 2017/07/19 Control Chain modduo-v1.4.3.487.tar
1.3 2017/03/28 Pedalboard presets; Click-less bypass; 'MIDI Utility' category modduo-v1.3.2.357.tar
1.2 2017/01/23 Favorites; Tap-Tempo; Zeroconf; DNS fix; Minor interface changes modduo-v1.2.1.275.tar
1.1 2016/10/31 Bluetooth Network; Control Outputs; Remember MIDI devices and connections; Tuner modduo-v1.1.3.tar
1.0 2016/08/24 Auto-update; Load pedalboards with MIDI programs; Load remote pedalboards; UTF-8 fixes modduo-v1.0.6.tar
0.15.0 2016/06/21 Preset support; Fixed xruns
0.14.0 2016/05/23 Bugfixes only
0.13.0 2016/05/09 Allow javascript in modguis; Optimizations to plugin store
0.12.2 2016/04/19 Add "default" pedalboard
0.11.3 2016/03/22 Implemented leds peak-meter
0.10.4 2016/03/08 Volume/gain via controller; Access banks after disconnecting USB cable; Firefox compatible
0.9.0 2016/02/18 Initial version

How to update the MOD software

Starting from 1.0.0 users are notified when an update is available as soon as you start the MOD web interface.
To update, click on the update icon in the bottom-right, then 'Download', and finally 'Upgrade Now'.

Manual update

If you want to do a manual update, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your MOD
  2. Let it boot until you see "Knob 1" etc.
  3. Press and hold the left knob until a menu appears in the display
  4. Turn the knob in order to select "System Upgrade"
    1. Note -> In newer devices, turn the left knob to the "System" option and then the right knob to "System upgrade"
  5. Select 'YES' and while holding the left footswitch (Duo) or bottom left square button (DuoX), click on the right knob
  6. Let go of the footswitch and knob and wait
  7. The MOD will now enter restore mode. Please wait.
  8. Connect the MOD to your PC if not done yet and wait for a new mass storage drive to appear
  9. Copy the modduo.tar file onto the new drive and use your OS option to safely remove the drive
  10. Remove the USB cable connecting your PC to the MOD

At this point, the MOD will start auto-updating. DO NOT TURN IT OFF! Please wait until the update finishes. The MOD will auto-reboot when the process is complete.

Note: Sometimes the auto-reboot may not occur. If your MOD does not auto-reboot after 15 minutes, something went wrong. Please power off the device and run the process again from step 1.

User data will remain untouched.

Release 1.10


Work in progress!

  • NEW: Introducing MOD Labs, replacing "beta" plugins in the store
  • NEW: Dangerous section in web gui settings (for deleting user data or reflashing controller firmware)
  • NEW: Device buttons/footswitches "momentary" mode
  • NEW: List-type addressings on buttons/footswitches can colorize the LED, so it is easier to know the current "index"/position
  • NEW: Toggle-type parameters addressable on knobs
  • NEW: WiFi support (experimental, for advanced users only for now)
  • LV2 log extension support (plugin logs get sent to the browser window for easy debugging)
  • LV2 state extension support (plugin can save and load arbitrary chunks/data)
  • general fixing to addressing dialog
  • never cache plugin-related information for local plugin builds
  • rework controller protocol messages, in preparation for more complex types used for the Dwarf

Duo changes:

  • new device screen layout
  • new font

Duo X changes:

  • increase number of parameter pages from 3 to 6

Release 1.9


Released on 2020/07/27

  • MOD Duo with 5.4 LTS mainline kernel
  • MOD Duo with mainline mtd drivers and ubifs over NAND
  • MOD Duo X: finalize support for rk3399-based units
  • MOD Duo X: set "44.1kHz de-emphasis" and "DAC invert" controls to true by default
  • Allow pedalboard snapshots via MIDI Program Change messages while web GUI is open
  • Fix buffer overflow in Control Chain lists with items bigger than 16 characters
  • Fix MOD Duo trigger controls doing nothing (regression in v1.9)
  • Fix dragging plugin out of bounds under Firefox
  • Fix plugin store carousel animation and positioning
  • Fix priority of screenshot process (could lead to xruns in some cases)
  • Fix wrong initial "true bypass" state in some cases


Released on 2020/04/29

  • fix for special messages over DIN MIDI (active-sensing and clock in the middle of voice messages)


Released on 2020/04/09

  • fixing Control Chain and MIDI trigger-type addressings (regression in v1.9)
  • fix audio mixer levels when updating from v1.8 (Duo X only)


Released on 2020/03/31

  • optimize CPU usage of CV read/write clients
  • really fix removing plugins from pedalboard that use multiple CV out addressings


Released on 2020/03/19

  • fix removing plugins from pedalboard that contain device addressings
  • fix Duo bank navigation switch inconsistent state


Released on 2020/03/12

  • add LED animation for Duo bank navigation with footswitches
  • fix some plugin knobs rendering incorrectly on Google Chrome
  • fix Duo X device volume and CV labels displaying old values
  • fix parameter toggles and bypass not working with CV out addressings
  • fix preset addressing causing slowdowns or device lockup
  • fix MIDI DIN handling of active sensing messages
  • reduce cpu load from the new smooth peak-meters
  • support mod:volts as parameter unit


Released on 2020/02/14

  • NEW: addressing a parameter to a CV output port
  • NEW: reading from and writing to hardware CV ports
  • NEW: compact pedalboard list view
  • fix device true bypass mode display not updated when changed via web gui
  • fix missing range for BPM and BPB MIDI CC addressings
  • fix pedalboards showing old stuff after importing user backup
  • show CV port information in plugin info dialog
  • show MIDI program number/indexes near snapshot names
  • smooth peakmeter color transitions
  • improve UI for plugins expanded multi-input jacks

Duo changes:

  • add led blink when pressing footswitches for triggers and enumerations
  • brought back direct headphone monitoring option
  • don't show cpu stats on the Duo, not available (developer mode)

Duo X changes:

  • NEW: potentiometers calibration mode
  • add CV related options to device menu
  • hide inactive pages in device by default
  • enable SPDIF output (coaxial)
  • initial support for rk3399 CPU (in addition to the current imx8mq one)

Release 1.8


Released on 2020/02/06

  • fix disabling snapshots
  • fix loading plugins with extra port types that can be ignored
  • fix loading pedalboards with CV addressings (pedalboards made in v1.9)
  • fix loading pedalboards with missing plugin ports (old plugin versions)
  • fix user profile not being applied in some cases


Released on 2020/01/13

  • add screen contrast settings (Duo X only)
  • fix empty/wrong rendering of button labels under certain conditions (Duo X only)
  • fix list arrow not changing direction when list contains a single page (Duo X only)
  • fix potentiometers in higher resolution (continuation from v1.8.3 changes, Duo X only)
  • fix timing of MIDI messages through the DIN ports (mostly for Duo X)


Released on 2019/12/03

  • fix potential device crash on button release (Duo X only)
  • fix wrong/jumping bar:beat:tick time information sent to plugins
  • add led blink when pressing footswitches/buttons for triggers and enumerations
  • improve display contrast (Duo X only)
  • improve potentiometers (integer support and more steps, Duo X only)
  • prevent LED trigger color change when toggling menu tools


Released on 2019/11/15

  • fix list addressings that contain floating-point values (handle rounding errors)
  • fix loading of old pedalboards (v1.6 or earlier) that use USB MIDI
  • fix separated-mode MIDI device names
  • fix noise issues with Duo X (setup GPIOs correctly)
  • don't show peak-meter workaround option on Duo


Released on 2019/11/11

  • fix 0 BPM on device screen when booting with MIDI sync or Ableton Link enabled
  • fix actuator groups to work with pedalboard snapshots
  • fix crash when deleting user preset
  • fix device lockup when waiting for data but receive unrelated messages
  • fix saving profiles (due to badly cherry-picked commit)
  • minor Duo X system fixes (net-manager and usb-gadget conflict, cpu-freq-manager service)
  • minor UI fixes


Released on 2019/10/17

  • fix addressing of lists with over 100 items
  • fix addressing of lists in buttons/footswitches (wrap-around on corner values)
  • fix BPM requests from controller above 255 BPM
  • fix controller display names empty or broken for unassigned footswitches (Duo X specific)
  • fix footswitch triggers on button release (was being triggered twice, Duo specific)
  • fix pedalboard screenshots after latest changes (regression)
  • fix slugish controller menus when MIDI sync is enabled
  • fix several issues regarding web browser caching
  • fix user profile not loading (Duo specific)
  • don't trigger loading bar when changing parameter values
  • enforce sane limits on MIDI sync BPM (20 to 280)
  • hide featured plugins when doing a search or showing specific plugin category
  • revert back to original display backlight PWM frequency on Duo X
  • use plugin thumbnails in plugin-store, reducing resource load, and adapt UI style to better fit the smaller images
  • use rounded BPM value in controller display (instead of truncated)


Released on 2019/30/01

  • fix Duo IRQ setup (leading to random xruns, regression from v1.7)
  • fix missing MIDI running status support for DIN MIDI (regression from v1.7)
  • fix MIDI CC addressings missing their pink overlay in plugin settings dialog


Released on 2019/09/28

  • another fix for noise (software induced)
  • fix controller desync when addressed bpm changes
  • fix banks index when changing to a different one in the controller (leading to the wrong pedalboard being loaded)
  • fix endless knobs bar graphic when there are more than 255 steps
  • fix non-paginated list-type controls addressed in the controller (small lists or tempo dividers)
  • fix "send MIDI clock" option not being saved
  • fix pedalboard screenshots with plugins that have audio and cv ports on the same side
  • fix pedalboard screenshots with plugins that use shadow in their background image
  • fix several MIDI sync related issues and improve timing for USB-MIDI devices
  • add option in advanced settings for automatically restart controller screen (disabled by default)
  • don't allow regular full value only actuators (integer or float) to address lists
  • use a single device when the experimental composite device is enabled (as hacks for windows dont work anyway)
  • miscellaneous kernel and u-boot fixes for Duo X


Released on 2019/09/24

  • fix custom bluetooth device name not applying
  • fix inconsistencies with global BPM update (not all places listing BPM were being updated)
  • fix feedback of audio host events (leading to tuner not updating, for example)
  • update controller upper limit of tempo to 280 BPM
  • update PWM frequency of displays, now out of audible range


Released on 2019/09/17

  • do not change BPM when loading a pedalboard if sync mode is link or midi
  • implement controller list pagination for banks and pedalboards list
  • load tap-tempo addressings in pedalboards as tempo divider
  • support for linking BPM ports to musical subdivision of host tempo
  • fix audio noise issues on Duo units
  • fix screenshot generation with connected CV plugins
  • fix aggregated midi connections not appearing in screenshots
  • tempo divider options to work with actuator groups
  • small cosmetic fixes


Released on 2019/09/05

  • NEW: Actuator groups
  • NEW: MIDI separated mode (is back)
  • NEW: Tempo divider addressings
  • NEW: Device options in device menu (Duo X only)
  • NEW: Paginated list-style controls
  • Allow reinstalls and downgrades to any valid version
  • Disable ping/check device every 2 seconds (as it may cause more issues than it solves)
  • Do not display sensitivity options for Duo X potentiometers
  • Improve cache strategy for plugin resources (makes loading of web GUI under load much better)
  • Fix loading pedalboard snapshot referencing a plugin that has been removed
  • Fix webgui becoming sluggish when midi sync is on (properly throttle events from audio host side)
  • Fully update parameters and device actuators when transport changes from audio host
  • Workarounds for Duo X firmware issues with i2c (issue still being investigated)
  • Minor miscellaneous fixes and tweaks

Release 1.7


Released on 2019/09/16

  • fix audio noise issues on Duo units
  • fix loading pedalboard snapshot referencing a plugin that has been removed
  • fix screenshot generation with connected CV plugins
  • workarounds for Duo X firmware issues with i2c (issue still being investigated)


Released on 2019/08/19

  • fix addressing dialog not fitting all elements nicely
  • fix bank navigation not always activating properly
  • fix user data backup adding (useless) cache folder
  • fix hardcoded "modduo" unit name in user data backup files
  • fix LED blink not turning off when enabling bank navigation (Duo only)
  • fix several minor bug regarding pedalboards loaded through device menu
  • remove hold when changing scroll direction in Duo's knobs
  • rename "All" to "All Pedalboards"
  • rename "Untitled" to "Untitled Pedalboard"
  • kernel and controller fixes for Duo 2020 unit (eMMC vs nand)
  • optionally format user partition during system upgrade, according to image build type


Released on 2019/08/07

  • add bank navigation through footswitches in Duo device menu (removed per-bank option)
  • add option to disable audio peakmeters (temporary workaround for an issue in a few Duo X units)
  • fix device being unresponsive in case of audio host crash
  • fix missing bluetooth USB driver support in Duo X kernel
  • fix pedalboard zooming out too far in certain browsers
  • fix trigger-type controls in Duo X
  • implement logarithmic controls for Duo X potentiometers
  • merge Duo’s “Fine gain” and “Gain stage” into a single “Input gain” control in device menu
  • update Duo device menu to match new design (similar to Duo X)


Released on 2019/07/15

  • add control voltage category
  • fix a bunch of snapshot loading related issues
  • fix enumeration/list addressings (wrong values)
  • fix loading pedalboards via MIDI programs
  • fix MIDI program channel for pedalboard and snapshot changes (offset by 1)
  • fix network identification take very long time on Windows systems
  • fix selecting clock source via device not always working properly
  • fix for next page button pressed right after a pedalboard change via MIDI program
  • make BPM assignable as integer
  • update bpm on menu screen when it changes in the device


Released on 2019/07/03

  • Support for new aarch64 architecture
  • Support for new Cortex A53 CPU
  • Support for new Duo X unit
  • Implement pages (Duo X specific)
  • Implement quick snapshots (Duo X specific)
  • MIDI Aggregation mode, enabled by default and replacing old "manual" mode
  • MIDI Clock slave and output
  • Reworked device screen, showing a lot more content at once and more useful in general
  • Unlocked parameters
  • User profiles

Release 1.6


Released on 2019/07/11

  • Fix plugins that expect MIDI messages while having its own bypass function
  • Fix loading of Duo X pedalboards without crashing


Released on 2018/11/13

  • Enable to have no plug-in icon shadow with CSS `class=".mod-no-shadow"`.


Released on 2018/07/22

  • Fixed overlay of BPM and MIDI PORTS pop-ups when Plugin Store is open
  • Fixed 'Beta' label showing incorrectly for installed plugins from the constructor
  • Fixed scrolling sensibility in HMI menu


Released on 2018/05/31

  • Fixed bug when install/remove button was inconsistent
  • Fixed bugs when mod-ui is in 'offline' mode
  • Improved checkout user experience
  • Fixed small all around bugs


Released on 2018/05/28

  • Share Pedalboard button should not be hidden by ad-blockers
  • Improved Plugin Store behavior when MOD is “offline” (no internet access)
  • The checkout page now opens in a new tab (to avoid pop-up annoyances)


Released on 2018/05/11

  • New Plugin Store with support for commercial plugins
  • New implementation for pedalboard screenshot
  • Renaming unstable -> beta
  • Sharing pedalboards with beta plugins is enabled
  • Settings button
  • Display brightness control menu option
  • Minors

Release 1.5


Released on 2017/10/10

No changes since v1.5.0-RC1


Released on 2017/09/04

  • NEW: Global Tempo
  • NEW: Settings Panel
  • NEW: Backup and restore user data via USB stick
  • Add (hidden) Max gen~ category, dynamically visible
  • Add post-boot-actions service, using /data/
  • Add zita-njbridge package
  • Delete control chain update file if dialog is closed manually
  • Don’t allow to click install/update-all until store finishes loading
  • Disable plugin processing while loading a pedalboard, to make loading slightly faster
  • Ensure current parameter value is within bounds when addressing
  • Fix software updates over 100Mb
  • Fix MIDI CC unaddressing not removed from pedalboard data
  • Show CPU usage at 100% when an xrun happens
  • Show notification when a MIDI CC is mapped (ie, learned)
  • Small rework of knob behaviour (better handle of enums, touch events)
  • Show current buffer size dynamically
  • Mount filesystem with nodelalloc mount option, sync to disk before returning operation complete
  • More system optimizations and tweaks

Release 1.4


Released on 2017/08/08

  • fix boot under very specific conditions (very rare, only happens with certain coreboards)
  • fix possible controller lockup when loading next pedalboard (and it containing presets)
  • fix web interface not starting if last loaded pedalboard was manually deleted
  • don't reload preset addressing if triggered by itself


Released on 2017/07/19

  • fix noise when stopping share dialog sample playback
  • fix removing plugins with custom category
  • remove ongoing connection cable when clicking a plugin action button
  • workaround Duo's network going down under specific conditions with macOS systems


Released on 2017/07/12

  • fix broken MIDI running status support in DIN-MIDI ports (regression in v1.4)
  • fix loading Control Chain addressings on boot
  • fix update of a 2nd footswitch
  • fix updating multiple footswitches on the same session


Released on 2017/06/29

  • fix connecting several control chain devices at once (eg, during boot)
  • fix controller unaddressings (regression in v1.4)
  • fix missing hardware ports if reconnected too quickly
  • fix bootloader to work with LiveSuit deploys
  • improve robustness of control chain connections


Released on 2017/06/06

  • fix control chain devices getting disconnected under heavy cpu load
  • fix unaddressings and removal of plugins with specific addressings (regression in v1.3)
  • automatically hide plugin's info button if modgui is too small
  • remove control chain workarounds in host code


Released on 2017/05/26

  • fix trigger parameters under control-chain
  • fix audio inputs DC offset


Released on 2017/05/05

  • fix control chain addressing of enumerated toggled parameters
  • fix pedalboard save after loading bad plugin presets
  • fix (currently handled) sysex messages on serial-midi messing up following messages
  • less cpu usage with control-output intensive plugins
  • hide addressing ranges for enumeration controls


Released on 2017/04/19

  • add integer and floating-point mode support for Control Chain
  • fix Control Chain not working for certain MOD Duo units
  • fix pedalboard load in case Control Chain stops working


Released on 2017/04/06


  • Control Chain support
  • add GNU coreutils and libSDL
  • jack-netmanager service (experimental, needs to be manually enabled)
  • allow to change parameter ranges without having to re-learn a MIDI CC
  • allow to delete the initial pedalboard preset
  • allow to use pitchbend for midi learn
  • don't send current and expiration time on webserver requests and force cache-control attribute
    (allowing for proper browser caching)
  • improve timing/jitter of serial MIDI
  • send all-notes-off message to midi-out plugin ports when first bypassed
  • update jack2 codebase and build with opus custom-modes support
    (updated code includes neon-optimized sample conversion functions, leading to less base cpu usage)

web interface

  • add "MOD:" prefix to MOD Duo's actuators, to differentiate from Control Chain ones
  • add (i) icon on top of modguis, shows plugin information when clicked
  • add "see online" button to plugin's information dialog
  • add close button to all dialogs, for consistency
  • always close addressing and pedalboard presets dialog on esc, independent of focus
  • don't allow to address plugin preset list with only 1 preset
  • don't show ajax loading bar when waiting/checking screenshots
  • rework RAM calculation code, now using the same values that 'htop' uses
  • stop recording countdown when share dialog is closed
  • small text changes and other minor miscellaneous tweaks

Release 1.3


Released on 2017/03/28

  • fix loading some addressing data on browser side (labels with spaces)
  • don't allow pedalboard preset save-as when list is addressed


Released on 2017/03/13

  • set pedalboard as modified when adding, renaming or removing presets
  • fix pedalboard presets loading (via addressing) after removing one
  • fix endless loop when updating using corrupted files


Released on 2017/02/27

  • fix inconsistent MIDI CC/learn state on certain conditions (regression in v1.3.0-RC1)


Released on 2017/02/08

  • NEW add 'MIDI Utility' category
  • NEW implemented pedalboard presets
  • NEW support for all generic USB joysticks as MIDI devices (buttons as notes and CC, axis as CC)
  • NEW support for click-less bypass (needs support from plugin, using lv2:enabled6 port designation)
  • NEW support for lv2:freeWheeling2 port designation
  • NEW wait for the first pedalboard to finish loading before disabling true-bypass
  • fix 1 extra round-trip latency when using USB MIDI keyboards under certain conditions
  • fix bad pedalboard names when saved with html-encoded names
  • fix broken banks manager if clicked on too soon before it finished loading
  • fix category inline display on small browser windows
  • fix loading bank with manually deleted pedalboards
  • fix tooltips for MIDI hardware names containing spaces
  • fix thumbnail mis-alignment when plugin has no brand
  • fix updating a plugin if its bundle name doesn't match the cloud one (eg, locally deployed plugins)
  • fix 'update all' button always disabled after being clicked once, even after updates finish
  • fix web interface being locked when rendering 2 screenshots at the same time
  • keep installing/updating plugins if one of them fails (eg, updating all plugins in store)
  • make 'developer mode' state persistent (plus add 'disable_dev_mode' function)
  • make folded/unfolded plugin area state persistent
  • make loading of pedalboards slightly faster
  • show more pedalboards at once, use thumbnail instead of screenshot (faster pedalboards screen)
  • show a warning popup if user presses 'update all' plugins, but there are no plugins to update
  • show a warning popup if user tries to change an addressed parameter

Release 1.2


Released on 2017/01/23

  • fix MIDI mapping not saved if '-1' is the minimum or maximum range value
  • do not time-out block UI if received 'stats' message recently


Released on 2016/12/02

  • fix controller lockup when addressing scalepoints with an invalid value


Released on 2016/11/24

  • fix load of pedalboard containing manually removed plugins
  • fix favorites count when searching plugins
  • make 'enter' key under addressing dialog trigger save action


Released on 2016/11/14

  • allow tap-tempo taps slightly over maximum value of plugin, sets value to max
  • tap-tempo default timeout value reduced to 3 seconds (down from 10)
  • potential fix for DNS issues with other Internet connections


Released on 2016/11/10

  • add favorites as plugin category (user managed)
  • add tap tempo as controller actuator
    (by addressing a time-based linear parameter to a footswitch)
  • add zeroconf support, using http://modduo.local/
  • controller display footer is now divided 50/50 for name/value to accommodate tap-tempo (was 75/25)
  • implement custom ranges for MIDI CC
  • make two scale-point enumeration work as toggle, allow use in MIDI CC
  • show build number in page url
  • don't drop current midi learn when removing a plugin
  • don't schedule new screenshot if it matches currently processing one
  • fix controller lockup when addressing a big preset list (now limited to 50 items)
  • fix missing ports when reloading page after a host or plugin crash
  • fix preset list not disabled when addressed
  • fix some settings page knobs not updated when changing plugin presets
  • fix web page not loading under some circumstances, needing a force refresh
  • minor web interface and OS changes/tweaks

Release 1.1


Released on 2016/10/31

  • automatically fix user data partition superblocks on boot
  • fix user data check when doing updates, give warning if unrecoverable [*]

[*] applies to future updates


Released on 2016/10/26

  • fix boot into restore mode after an update under certain conditions
  • fix web interface to load under read-only file systems
  • automatically reinstall OS if update via web interface fails
  • check user data partition when installing updates [*]
  • do not fail to boot if user data partition is unmountable
    (create a virtual disk on RAM for such cases)

[*] applies to future updates


Released on 2016/10/13

  • fix bank id offset when triggered via footswitches
  • fix fast switching of bank pedalboards
    (selected pedalboard is loaded when the current one finishes loading)
  • limit pedalboards per bank in controller to 50


Released on 2016/10/06

  • fix install of missing plugins when loading remote pedalboards


Released on 2016/09/28

  • fix crash when using multiple plugins with control outputs
  • fix missing addressings on boot
  • fix missing widget callbacks when reloading page (for control outputs)
  • only show ssh banner on ssh login, not in scp or rsync


Released on 2016/09/26

  • fix addressing disabled for all ports if just one is "expensive"
  • fix rounding error calculation for knobs of integer controls
  • fix queue of serial MIDI out messages
  • fix unsent control output values during high usage
  • remove mod-ui plugin blacklist


Released on 2016/09/20


  • add 'current pedalboard' actions (save and reset)
  • auto-update information screens
  • banks moved to left display (ie, system menu)
  • tuner added to 2nd display
  • decrease footswitch de-bouncing time


  • add support for LV2 control outputs in modguis (see modgui:MonitoredOutput)
  • broadcast parameter changes to all listening websockets
  • do not time-out after save, while generating screenshot
  • make MIDI devices always enabled for MIDI CCs and programs
  • optimize first page load by delaying plugin listing & indexing
  • pass LV2 port comments to modgui widgets
  • rename "Add MIDI Device" to "MIDI Ports"
  • re-add midi devices if not manually removed by user
  • save & restore removed midi device connections
  • throttle events from host to UI
  • real fix for initial knob values after page reload
  • restore bank midi-program state after closing browser
  • show different error when failing to download a plugin if not authenticated
  • several optimizations


  • add bluetooth network support
  • allow ssh access using password once again (limited to USB connection)
  • automatically run fsck on boot as needed (fixes read-only user data)
  • nooice now runs as internal client
  • update LV2 libraries to their latest stable versions
  • system tweaks and optimizations

Release 1.0


Released on 2016/08/24

  • Fix controller and web interface lockup when having lots of pedalboards
  • Fix dragging of knobs bumping their value when released
  • Fix loading web interface when current pedalboard name contains single quotes
  • Fix reset and load of pedalboards when the file-system is read-only
  • Fix saving pedalboards with double-quotes in the name
  • Do not time-out while loading the web interface for the 1st time
  • Force pedalboard name to use a single line in pedalboards window
  • Increase timeout for widgets to appear before setting their values (by 2x)


Released on 2016/08/17

  • Fix browsing pedalboards using midi programs
  • Fix bank midi channel not updating (in web interface) after being changed manually


Released on 2016/08/08

  • Don't force auto-adjust of canvas when a plugin is dropped


Released on 2016/08/04

  • Add unstable flag in plugin store
  • Fix blocked-ui images not showing up on certain conditions (proper preload)
  • Fix cached plugin resources after updating it
  • Fix double addressing when loading pedalboards (for missing footswitches)
  • Fix flickering resize and auto-adjust
  • Fix leftover cables when clearing pedalboard
  • Fix pedalboard modified flag on refresh, again
  • Fix saving remote loaded pedalboards
  • Skip zoom animations when rendering screenshots (slightly faster screenshot generation)
  • Tweak load animation (use less time per resource and correct initialization time)


Released on 2016/07/28

  • Add timeout to "This bank is empty" message, so it doesn't stick forever
  • Cleanup addressings before entering restore mode
  • Do not block UI while preparing update
  • Expose "enable_dev_mode()" function (shows xrun counter, network stats and other small things)
  • Fix loading presets with 'long' parameter values
  • Limit the filename length used for pedalboards and presets (fixes buffer overflow in controller)
  • Make some cursors non-webkit specific
  • Show a slightly different message when blocking UI via auto-update
  • Sort plugins ignoring case
  • Stop audio playback when closing share window or deleting sample


Released on 2016/07/22


  • Fix installing a plugin that failed previously (because of power failure)
  • Fix missing favicon images
  • Fix pedalboards with empty names (will be named "Untitled")
  • Don't save online pedalboards as "last loaded pedalboard"
  • Do not install the same bundle twice
  • Always generate a screenshot, even if timed out
  • Increase screenshot timeout yet again (now 30secs)
  • Install needed plugins before loading a remote pedalboard
  • Re-authorize pedalboard share if it fails the 1st time
  • Save plugin builder and release versions inside pedalboards
  • Small tweaks to a few text strings


  • Add "view more pedalboards online" link
  • Auto-reload page when MOD re-connects
  • Pass pedalboard id for remote loading instead of full url
  • Implement timeout check without using websocket
  • Make new updates more obvious if they are important/required


Released on 2016/07/15


  • improve behaviour under midi cc event congestion (pick the last message for each cc)
  • make any received midi cc value result in a trigger (not just >= 64)
  • optimize audio threads sync (and avoid context switches as much as possible)
  • fix crash when trying to load a non-existing plugin


  • add option to navigate bank pedalboards using MIDI program messages (default on, channel 16)
  • add auto-upgrade system
  • add share pedalboards and allow loading from
  • add 'update all' button under plugin store
  • automatically block UI when websocket closes
  • send ping/pong messages to websockets to keep them alive
  • fix install of a plugin after removing a different one
  • fix double-click on modgui messing with cables and zoom
  • fix loading addressed preset list with a non-existing preset
  • fix trigger controls animation when generated by addressings
  • fix parsing of banks containing unicode characters
  • fix screenshot generation when pedalboard area size is unchanged
  • fix showing newlines in error messages (instead of <br> tag)
  • fix wrong connections in screenshot if using multiple instances of a plugin
  • handle case of loading pedalboards with non-installable plugins
  • always encode web-server responses as utf-8 (fixes random connection loss under Mac OS)
  • don't allow custom sensibility and ranges for midi cc addressings (will be implemented later)
  • never show "Loading pedalboard..." when generating screenshots
  • hide xrun counter, make cpu load blink instead when xruns occur
  • only show stable plugins in store
  • show "Loading pedalboard..." right after pedalboard reset
  • show download progress-bar when downloading plugins from store
  • use current MOD version as web page 'v' parameter
  • use port short name instead of symbol on addressing dialog title-bar


  • enable unicode (en_US.UTF-8 locale)
  • mount user data partition with 'commit=1' and 'sync' options
  • fix updates with filenames containing spaces [*]


  • add a virtual 'all' bank that shows all pedalboards
  • fix missing initial gain stage value
  • save gain stage and volume values when leaving the menu by holding the knob

[*] applies to future updates

Release 0.15.0

Released on 2016/06/21

  • add user preset support (save, rename and delete)
  • allow to use integer and toggle type controls with midi cc
  • implement addressing of preset list (to controller actuators)
  • increase screenshot timeout value, needed for big pedalboards
  • initial support for some joysticks as MIDI devices (via nooice project, work in progress)
  • make system updates much more reliable (but slightly slower) [*]
  • fix control unaddressing when moved to a different actuator
  • fix loading addressings on toggle-type controls
  • fix possible black-on-black text input in save dialog under firefox
  • fix wrong plugin version micro/minor order
  • prevent pedalboard save without name
  • save gain stage and volume values when changed via controller (by clicking "back to settings")
  • send initial port values to javascript 'start' event
  • several kernel and system tweaks, finally fixing the sporadic-xrun issue

[*] applies to future updates

Release 0.14.0

Released on 2016/05/23

  • allow to reconfigure addressings if target is not a midi cc
  • fix deletion of a plugin removing connections of others with same URI
  • fix changing addressing from controller to midi cc, and vice-versa
  • fix having to click twice to change addressing actuator
  • fix issue in FFTW making MOD pitchshifters silent
  • slightly better plugin info dialog
  • show message when user tries to access banks in controller with the user interface open
  • show device serial number under controller information menu
  • miscellaneous fixes and system tweaks

Release 0.13.0

Released on 2016/05/09

  • allow custom javascript in modguis
  • allow to use a USB stick for update instead of connecting to a PC [*]
  • show version number on controller display (Info -> Versions)
  • much faster plugin store actions (no longer rescans everything for a single action)
  • start plugin store with 'stable' option checked
  • rescan plugins after a plugin deploy from MOD-SDK
  • optimizations to local plugin search
  • optimizations to FFTW library

[*] applies to future updates

Release 0.12.2

Released on 2016/04/19


  • Send MIDI all-notes/sound-off when bypassing a plugin


  • Auto-load last saved pedalboard on next boot
  • Add a 'default' pedalboard, with inputs connected to outputs
  • Load 'default' pedalboard when pressing "new"
  • Save and restore bypass midi-cc binding
  • Several bank management fixes, specially when using firefox
  • Fix knob mousewheel with firefox
  • Fix save dialog auto-focus
  • Fix re-added MIDI hw ports after loading pedalboard
  • Fix 'modified' state when reloading the browser page
  • Holding shift + click now decreases knob value
  • Make sure searchboxes are empty on page load (fixes refresh)
  • Allow to load plugins with morph ports if base type is supported (fixes missing blop plugins)


  • auto-skip update process when target matches update file [*]
  • fix rare but possible data corruption when updating system [*]
  • fix inverted DAC controls
  • several kernel tweaks & optimizations


  • create button combo to jump to restore mode after power up (left knob & footswitch)
  • fix the truncation of controller text messages

[*] applies to future updates

Release 0.11.3

Released on 2016/03/22

  • allow to use trigger controls with MIDI CC
  • dragged plugins now appear at the exact same position where dragging started
  • make xrun counter clickable, will reset xruns to 0
  • set bank name when renamed or loaded, not just "Untitled"
  • don't show 'broken' pedalboards in bank view
  • show 'broken' image for pedalboards without screenshot
  • fix several issues with pedalboard screenshots
  • fix retrieving current ALSA values and headphone step in controller
  • implemented leds peak-meter
  • implemented plugin store authentication for bundle downloads
  • several kernel tweaks for better performance and a bit less audio xruns
  • other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Release 0.10.4

Released on 2016/03/08

  • add monitor ports to mod-host, will later be used for leds and our mod-mixer remote control application
  • add support to adjust volume/gain via controller
  • make plugin store hovered plugins less annoying
  • make entire pedalboard clickable (in pedalboard list)
  • allow access to banks if user disconnects USB cable
  • allow pedalboard search with less than 3 characters
  • don't allow to address lv2 "expensive" controls
  • automatic [dis]connect when opening or closing browser window
  • removed disconnect button
  • display 'broken' overlay icon on pedalboards that contain uninstalled plugins
  • show spinning wheel for pedalboard screenshots being generated
  • prevent text from being selected while moving a knob in GUI
  • fix plugin search when using certain terms
  • fix navigation of bank pedalboards using footswitches
  • fix footswitch addressing not being cleared when changed to another footswitch
  • fix compatibility with firefox browser (work in progress)
  • fix boot issues
  • fix Mac OS X eject detect issue during restore mode
  • proper usb network and mass storage device names
  • other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Release 0.9.0

Released on 2016/02/18

  • Initial Version