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WIP page

Release 1.2

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                   <a href="#howto" class="instructions">How to upgrade?</a>
  • Release 1.2.0

                               Released on 2016/12/01
    • Stable release
  • Release 1.2.0-RC3

                               Released on 2016/11/24
    • fix load of pedalboard containing manually removed plugins
    • fix favorites count when searching plugins
    • make 'enter' key under addressing dialog trigger save action
  • Release 1.2.0-RC2

                               Released on 2016/11/14
    • allow tap-tempo taps slightly over maximum value of plugin, sets value to max
    • tap-tempo default timeout value reduced to 3 seconds (down from 10)
    • potential fix for DNS issues with other Internet connections
  • Release 1.2.0-RC1

                               Released on 2016/11/10
    • add favorites as plugin category (user managed)
    • add tap tempo as controller actuator   (by addressing a time-based linear parameter to a footswitch)
    • add zeroconf support, using <a href="http://modduo.local/" target="_blank">http://modduo.local/</a>
    • controller display footer is now divided 50/50 for name/value to accommodate tap-tempo (was 75/25)
    • implement custom ranges for MIDI CC
    • make two scale-point enumeration work as toggle, allow use in MIDI CC
    • show build number in page url
    • don't drop current midi learn when removing a plugin
    • don't schedule new screenshot if it matches currently processing one
    • fix controller lockup when addressing a big preset list (now limited to 50 items)
    • fix missing ports when reloading page after a host or plugin crash
    • fix preset list not disabled when addressed
    • fix some settings page knobs not updated when changing plugin presets
    • fix web page not loading under some circumstances, needing a force refresh
    • minor web interface and OS changes/tweaks

Release 1.1

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                   <a href="#howto" class="instructions">How to upgrade?</a>
  • Release 1.1.3

                               Released on 2016/10/31
    • automatically fix user data partition superblocks on boot
    • fix user data check when doing updates, give warning if unrecoverable [*]

    [*] applies to future updates

  • Release 1.1.2

                               Released on 2016/10/26
    • fix boot into restore mode after an update under certain conditions
    • fix web interface to load under read-only file systems
    • automatically reinstall OS if update via web interface fails
    • check user data partition when installing updates [*]
    • do not fail to boot if user data partition is unmountable
        (create a virtual disk on RAM for such cases)

    [*] applies to future updates

  • Release 1.1.1

                               Released on 2016/10/13
    • fix bank id offset when triggered via footswitches
    • fix fast switching of bank pedalboards
        (selected pedalboard is loaded when the current one finishes loading)
    • limit pedalboards per bank in controller to 50
  • Release 1.1.0

                               Released on 2016/10/06
    • fix install of missing plugins when loading remote pedalboards
  • Release 1.1.0-RC3

                               Released on 2016/09/28
    • fix crash when using multiple plugins with control outputs
    • fix missing addressings on boot
    • fix missing widget callbacks when reloading page (for control outputs)
    • only show ssh banner on ssh login, not in scp or rsync
  • Release 1.1.0-RC2

                               Released on 2016/09/26
    • fix addressing disabled for all ports if just one is "expensive"
    • fix rounding error calculation for knobs of integer controls
    • fix queue of serial MIDI out messages
    • fix unsent control output values during high usage
    • remove mod-ui plugin blacklist
  • Release 1.1.0-RC1

                               Released on 2016/09/20
    Changelog (controller)
    • add 'current pedalboard' actions (save and reset)
    • auto-update information screens
    • banks moved to left display (ie, system menu)
    • tuner added to 2nd display
    • decrease footswitch de-bouncing time
    Changelog (mod-host/ui)
    • add support for LV2 control outputs in modguis (see <a href="" target="_blank"> modgui:MonitoredOutput</a>)
    • broadcast parameter changes to all listening websockets
    • do not time-out after save, while generating screenshot
    • make MIDI devices always enabled for MIDI CCs and programs
    • optimize first page load by delaying plugin listing & indexing
    • pass LV2 port comments to modgui widgets
    • rename "Add MIDI Device" to "MIDI Ports"
    • re-add midi devices if not manually removed by user
    • save & restore removed midi device connections
    • throttle events from host to UI
    • real fix for initial knob values after page reload
    • restore bank midi-program state after closing browser
    • show different error when failing to download a plugin if not authenticated
    • several optimizations
    Changelog (mod-os)
    • add bluetooth network support
    • allow ssh access using password once again (limited to USB connection)
    • automatically run fsck on boot as needed (fixes read-only user data)
    • nooice now runs as internal client
    • update LV2 libraries to their latest stable versions
    • system tweaks and optimizations

Release 1.0

                   <a href="" class="button">Download</a>
                   <a href="#howto" class="instructions">How to upgrade?</a>
  • Release 1.0.6

                               Released on 2016/08/24
    • Fix controller and web interface lockup when having lots of pedalboards
    • Fix dragging of knobs bumping their value when released
    • Fix loading web interface when current pedalboard name contains single quotes
    • Fix reset and load of pedalboards when the file-system is read-only
    • Fix saving pedalboards with double-quotes in the name
    • Do not time-out while loading the web interface for the 1st time
    • Force pedalboard name to use a single line in pedalboards window
    • Increase timeout for widgets to appear before setting their values (by 2x)
  • Release 1.0.5

                               Released on 2016/08/17
    • Fix browsing pedalboards using midi programs
    • Fix bank midi channel not updating (in web interface) after being changed manually
  • Release 1.0.4

                               Released on 2016/08/08
    • Don't force auto-adjust of canvas when a plugin is dropped
  • Release 1.0.3

                               Released on 2016/08/04
    • Add unstable flag in plugin store
    • Fix blocked-ui images not showing up on certain conditions (proper preload)
    • Fix cached plugin resources after updating it
    • Fix double addressing when loading pedalboards (for missing footswitches)
    • Fix flickering resize and auto-adjust
    • Fix leftover cables when clearing pedalboard
    • Fix pedalboard modified flag on refresh, again
    • Fix saving remote loaded pedalboards
    • Skip zoom animations when rendering screenshots (slightly faster screenshot generation)
    • Tweak load animation (use less time per resource and correct initialization time)
  • Release 1.0.2

                               Released on 2016/07/28
    • Add timeout to "This bank is empty" message, so it doesn't stick forever
    • Cleanup addressings before entering restore mode
    • Do not block UI while preparing update
    • Expose "enable_dev_mode()" function (shows xrun counter, network stats and other small things)
    • Fix loading presets with 'long' parameter values
    • Limit the filename length used for pedalboards and presets (fixes buffer overflow in controller)
    • Make some cursors non-webkit specific
    • Show a slightly different message when blocking UI via auto-update
    • Sort plugins ignoring case
    • Stop audio playback when closing share window or deleting sample
  • Release 1.0.1

                               Released on 2016/07/22
    Changelog (fixes)
    • Fix installing a plugin that failed previously (because of power failure)
    • Fix missing favicon images
    • Fix pedalboards with empty names (will be named "Untitled")
    • Don't save online pedalboards as "last loaded pedalboard"
    • Do not install the same bundle twice
    • Always generate a screenshot, even if timed out
    • Increase screenshot timeout yet again (now 30secs)
    • Install needed plugins before loading a remote pedalboard
    • Re-authorize pedalboard share if it fails the 1st time
    • Save plugin builder and release versions inside pedalboards
    • Small tweaks to a few text strings
    Changelog (new)
    • Add "view more pedalboards online" link
    • Auto-reload page when MOD re-connects
    • Pass pedalboard id for remote loading instead of full url
    • Implement timeout check without using websocket
    • Make new updates more obvious if they are important/required
  • Release 1.0.0

                               Released on 2016/07/15
    Changelog (mod-host)
    • improve behaviour under midi cc event congestion (pick the last message for each cc)
    • make any received midi cc value result in a trigger (not just >= 64)
    • optimize audio threads sync (and avoid context switches as much as possible)
    • fix crash when trying to load a non-existing plugin
    Changelog (mod-ui)
    • add option to navigate bank pedalboards using MIDI program messages (default on, channel 16)
    • add auto-upgrade system
    • add share pedalboards and allow loading from
    • add 'update all' button under plugin store
    • automatically block UI when websocket closes
    • send ping/pong messages to websockets to keep them alive
    • fix install of a plugin after removing a different one
    • fix double-click on modgui messing with cables and zoom
    • fix loading addressed preset list with a non-existing preset
    • fix trigger controls animation when generated by addressings
    • fix parsing of banks containing unicode characters
    • fix screenshot generation when pedalboard area size is unchanged
    • fix showing newlines in error messages (instead of <br> tag)
    • fix wrong connections in screenshot if using multiple instances of a plugin
    • handle case of loading pedalboards with non-installable plugins
    • always encode web-server responses as utf-8 (fixes random connection loss under Mac OS)
    • don't allow custom sensibility and ranges for midi cc addressings (will be implemented later)
    • never show "Loading pedalboard..." when generating screenshots
    • hide xrun counter, make cpu load blink instead when xruns occur
    • only show stable plugins in store
    • show "Loading pedalboard..." right after pedalboard reset
    • show download progress-bar when downloading plugins from store
    • use current MOD version as web page 'v' parameter
    • use port short name instead of symbol on addressing dialog title-bar
    Changelog (mod-os)
    • enable unicode (en_US.UTF-8 locale)
    • mount user data partition with 'commit=1' and 'sync' options
    • fix updates with filenames containing spaces [*]
    Changelog (controller)
    • add a virtual 'all' bank that shows all pedalboards
    • fix missing initial gain stage value
    • save gain stage and volume values when leaving the menu by holding the knob

    [*] applies to future updates

  • Release 0.15.0

                               Released on 2016/06/21
    • add user preset support (save, rename and delete)
    • allow to use integer and toggle type controls with midi cc
    • implement addressing of preset list (to controller actuators)
    • increase screenshot timeout value, needed for big pedalboards
    • initial support for some joysticks as MIDI devices (via <a href="" target="_blank"> nooice</a> project, work in progress)
    • make system updates much more reliable (but slightly slower) [*]
    • fix control unaddressing when moved to a different actuator
    • fix loading addressings on toggle-type controls
    • fix possible black-on-black text input in save dialog under firefox
    • fix wrong plugin version micro/minor order
    • prevent pedalboard save without name
    • save gain stage and volume values when changed via controller (by clicking "back to settings")
    • send initial port values to javascript 'start' event
    • several kernel and system tweaks, finally fixing the sporadic-xrun issue

    [*] applies to future updates

  • Release 0.14.0

                               Released on 2016/05/23
    • allow to reconfigure addressings if target is not a midi cc
    • fix deletion of a plugin removing connections of others with same URI
    • fix changing addressing from controller to midi cc, and vice-versa
    • fix having to click twice to change addressing actuator
    • fix issue in FFTW making MOD pitchshifters silent
    • slightly better plugin info dialog
    • show message when user tries to access banks in controller with the user interface open
    • show device serial number under controller information menu
    • miscellaneous fixes and system tweaks
  • Release 0.13.0

                               Released on 2016/05/09
    • allow custom javascript in modguis
    • allow to use a USB stick for update instead of connecting to a PC [*]
    • show version number on controller display (Info -> Versions)
    • much faster plugin store actions (no longer rescans everything for a single action)
    • start plugin store with 'stable' option checked
    • rescan plugins after a plugin deploy from MOD-SDK
    • optimizations to local plugin search
    • optimizations to FFTW library

    [*] applies to future updates

  • Release 0.12.2

                               Released on 2016/04/19
    Changelog (mod-host)
    • Send MIDI all-notes/sound-off when bypassing a plugin
    Changelog (mod-ui)
    • Auto-load last saved pedalboard on next boot
    • Add a 'default' pedalboard, with inputs connected to outputs
    • Load 'default' pedalboard when pressing "new"
    • Save and restore bypass midi-cc binding
    • Several bank management fixes, specially when using firefox
    • Fix knob mousewheel with firefox
    • Fix save dialog auto-focus
    • Fix re-added MIDI hw ports after loading pedalboard
    • Fix 'modified' state when reloading the browser page
    • Holding shift + click now decreases knob value
    • Make sure searchboxes are empty on page load (fixes refresh)
    • Allow to load plugins with morph ports if base type is supported (fixes missing blop plugins)
    Changelog (mod-os)
    • auto-skip update process when target matches update file [*]
    • fix rare but possible data corruption when updating system [*]
    • fix inverted DAC controls
    • several kernel tweaks & optimizations
    Changelog (controller)
    • create button combo to jump to restore mode after power up (left knob & footswitch)
    • fix the truncation of controller text messages

    [*] applies to future updates

  • Release 0.11.3

                               Released on 2016/03/22
    • allow to use trigger controls with MIDI CC
    • dragged plugins now appear at the exact same position where dragging started
    • make xrun counter clickable, will reset xruns to 0
    • set bank name when renamed or loaded, not just "Untitled"
    • don't show 'broken' pedalboards in bank view
    • show 'broken' image for pedalboards without screenshot
    • fix several issues with pedalboard screenshots
    • fix retrieving current ALSA values and headphone step in controller
    • implemented leds peak-meter
    • implemented plugin store authentication for bundle downloads
    • several kernel tweaks for better performance and a bit less audio xruns
    • other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
  • Release 0.10.4

                               Released on 2016/03/08
    • add monitor ports to mod-host, will later be used for leds and our mod-mixer remote control application
    • add support to adjust volume/gain via controller
    • make plugin store hovered plugins less annoying
    • make entire pedalboard clickable (in pedalboard list)
    • allow access to banks if user disconnects USB cable
    • allow pedalboard search with less than 3 characters
    • don't allow to address lv2 "expensive" controls
    • automatic [dis]connect when opening or closing browser window
    • removed disconnect button
    • display 'broken' overlay icon on pedalboards that contain uninstalled plugins
    • show spinning wheel for pedalboard screenshots being generated
    • prevent text from being selected while moving a knob in GUI
    • fix plugin search when using certain terms
    • fix navigation of bank pedalboards using footswitches
    • fix footswitch addressing not being cleared when changed to another footswitch
    • fix compatibility with firefox browser (work in progress)
    • fix boot issues
    • fix Mac OS X eject detect issue during restore mode
    • proper usb network and mass storage device names
    • other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
  • Release 0.9.0

                               Released on 2016/02/18
    • Initial Version