Publishing Plugins

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Local Deploy

Plugins are stored in
. Typically, directories end up here through the UI installation system, which downloads the bundle from a URL. It is also possible to build a plugin locally and manually copy the archive to this directory. The following process works as of firmware 1.5. The root password is "mod".

Install new plugin

scp -r myplugin.lv2 root@modduo.local:~/.lv2/

Upgrade plugin

scp -r myplugin.lv2 root@modduo.local:~/
ssh root@modduo.local
# enter password
cd .lv2/
mv myplugin.lv2 ../myplugin.lv2.bak
mv ../myplugin.lv2 .

Each option must be followed by a hard power off.

Unstable Plugins

To enable the Mod hosted unstable plugin repository, go to the URL with the mod attached via USB


Click the Advanced tab. Check the box to enable unstable plugins.