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General Device Questions

What are the differences between the MOD Duo and the MOD Duo X?

In generic terms, the MOD Duo is designed to be a floor unit especially focused to be used by guitar and bass players. The MOD Duo X takes the same technology, focusing mostly on the synthesizers and live interaction with effects - the reason that justifies the bigger number of actuators. If we take a closer look at the technical aspects of both devices, the Duo X is a more powerful unit. With a more powerful processor, bigger memory, storage, and bit rate, the Duo X allow you to run more complex pedalboards with multiple instances of high requirements plugins. The Duo X also has physical CV input and output ports, which allows it to interact with modular synths, for example. The Duo X has also an extra input where the user can connect an expression pedal.

Can I control MIDI synths with a guitar?

Can be powered with a battery?

Does it support MPE?

Can I use it as an FX loop?

Are the effects that run in the MOD devices made only by MOD company?

No. The MOD devices use an open standard called LV2. It was created by the very active Linux Audio Community and hundreds of LV2 plugins are freely available, made by different independent developers. Most of the plugins available on the MOD Cloud already existed when the project began and many more shall be created independently of MOD's existence.

Do I need a computer or other similar device to play with the devices?

No, you can take just the device to the stage and it works like any other regular multi-effects pedal. The computer/tablet/phone is used to install new effects, create pedalboards (plugin arrangements with control assignments), upgrade the internal software, and share your pedalboards on MOD Cloud.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the MOD devices?

No. You can create pedalboards using the plugins that are already installed on your MOD device. Internet connection is required only to install new plug-ins, to share or download other users’ pedalboards and for device updates.

How are the MOD devices updated?

The MOD devices check if they are updated every time you connect to the graphical interface. If there is an update available, you will be notified. You can then perform the update with a single click. Note that the device where you are visualising the graphical interface must be connected to the internet. Our team of programmers and engineers work to develop new features and to improve existing ones. We launch regular updates, which means that your MOD device constantly becomes more efficient and more stable.


Do I need an amp to use the Duo?


MOD Dwarf


MOD Peripherals



Can it be used to control other devices via MIDI?

Control Voltage

Control Chain

Can I use it with an expression pedal?