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* [http://moddevices.com/mod-duo MOD Duo] - Powerful Audio Processor
* [http://moddevices.com/mod-duo MOD Duo] - Powerful Audio Processor
* [http://moddevices.com/footswitch-extension XF4] - Footswitches Extension
* [http://moddevices.com/footswitch-extension MOD Footswitch] - Footswitches Extension
* [http://moddevices.com/expression-pedal EXP] - Expression Pedal
* [http://moddevices.com/arduino-shield Arduino Shield] - Create your own controller
* [http://moddevices.com/arduino-shield Arduino Shield] - Create your own controller

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Welcome to the MOD Devices wiki. Here you will find technical and development information about most of the products sold by MOD Devices.

Visit our website to know more about each product:

Side-shot of the MOD Duo
Part of a production batch of MOD Duos


Download here the MOD Duo User Manual.

There is also an online WORK IN PROGRESS version of the manual.

Chapter 1: Device In this chapter you can find all the information you need about the MOD Duo
Chapter 2: Web interface In this chapter we talk about the graphical user interface, accessible through your favorite browser
Chapter 3: Plugins This chapter gives information on the plugins that run inside the MOD Duo
Chapter 4: Warnings Read this chapter if you want to be on the safe side of using the MOD Duo
Chapter 5: Resources This chapter presents a list of resources that we think are worth checking out

More information:

Plugin Development

All pages related to plugin development:

Further Support

If you didn't find here the information you are looking for, there is a great community on our forum page that can offer you support on nearly all aspects of the MOD ecosystem.
Visit our forum at: http://forum.moddevices.com