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Device features

Inputs and outputs



Device menu (HMI)

The device menu, or as we call it, HMI (Human Machine Interface), allows you to change settings on the MOD Duo. It also allows you to access different banks, pedalboards and the tuner.

The device menu can be accessed by holding down the left knob for one second.

Navigation is done by rotating the left knob until the desired section is highlighted. Click on the left knob to enter the highlighted section.

When you are done, you can either navigate to "Back to SETTINGS" and click on the left knob to go back to the device menu. Or you can hold down the left knob for one second to exit without going back to the device menu.


If you want to use the MOD Duo without being connected to a computer, this is a very important section.

Upon entering this section, you will see the banks that you have created using the web interface, as well as a bank that contains all your pedalboards, named "All".

By navigating to a bank and clicking on the left button, it becomes your active bank.

Current pedalboard

Volume and gains





By holding down the right knob for one second, you will go into tuner mode.

Changing the input being tuned can be done by clicking on the right knob once. By default the tuner is set to tune input 1.

Exiting the tuner is done by holding down the right knob for one second again.

Hooking up the MOD Duo

Wiring examples