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MOD Duo, viewed from the top.


After a year of engineering, in February 2016, our new product, The MOD Duo has been released.

With MOD Duo the MOD entered in a new era. We migrated from the Intel PC architecture to a whole new ARM hardware topology. We also developed the sound card from scratch, following audiophile and high fidelity concepts. And we moved from São Paolo - Brazil, to San Francisco - USA to reach the global market, then to Berlin in Germany.

It has much larger graphic displays (2,8 inches), a smaller enclosure to blend with your stomp boxes, two footswitches and two encoders.

We launched a crowd funding kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce the MOD Duo.

We already had working prototypes and a release candidate product.

Read more in our website.

MOD Duo on Kickstarter.

MOD Duo Acrylic Prototype

MOD Duo New Display

MOD Duo Release Candidate 1 PCB with HI-FI sound card

Technical specs


MOD Duo dimensions in mm
  • width: 180 mm
  • length: 160 mm
  • height: 74.7 mm

Inputs and outputs


MOD Duo left side view showing the audio and headphone outputs.
  • 2 independent inputs:
    • TS connectors
    • Digital input impedance selector
      • line 1 MΩ
      • microphone 3 kΩ
      • instrument 75 kΩ
    • Programmable Gain Amplifier: ± 12 dB Gain, 0.5 dB step plus a 32 dB gain stage for microphone
  • 2 independent outputs:
    • TRS connectors (balanced)
    • Volume Control: 0 to -127 dB, 0.5dB step
  • Headphone output:
    • TRS connector
    • Digital volume control from +12dB to −33dB

Each input/output uses a Neutrik® connector, a True Bypass circuit and has a LED whose color depends on the audio signal amplitude.

  • signal < -30dB : off
  • -30dB < signal < -12dB : green
  • -12dB < signal < -3dB : yellow
  • signal > -3dB : red


  • MIDI IN connector - DIN 5 pins - for musical instruments and controllers
  • MIDI OUT connector - DIN 5 pins


  • USB HOST - USB 2.0 Standard-A type
    • USB Bluetooth
    • USB Wifi
    • USB MIDI
  • USB DEVICE - USB 2.0 Standard-B type
    • USB Ethernet Adaptor
    • USB Mass Storage (used for updates)


  • 2 knobs with LCD screen
  • 2 foot switches with color LEDs
  • RJ-45 connector for additional controllers (see Control Chain)


  • A20 CPU:
    • Dual Core ARM A7 1.0GHz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 4 GB Flash Storage
  • Audio CODEC:
    • Manufacturer: Cirrus Logic
    • DAC: 104dB dynamic range, -90dB THD+N
    • ADC: 104dB dynamic range, -95dB THD+N
    • 24 bit / 48 kHz AD/DA



The MOD Duo uses a linux operating system with LV2 plugins to define virtual pedal boards.