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This page holds the information on how to use the Settings menu on your MOD Duo and MOD Duo X devices.


These are the Settings you can access and control directly in your device, even when you are disconnected from your computer:

  • Banks: Navigate your Banks of pedalboards
  • Current Pedalboard: Restore default state or save a new state for the current pedalboard
  • Hardware Bypass: Control hardware bypass
  • Tempo & Transport: Control Tempo & Transport settings
  • Tuner: Access tuner and configure whether it should mute the outputs or not
  • User profiles: Manage User Profiles
  • System: Access system-wide settings and information such as inputs and outputs gains, Bluetooth configuration and more.

Accessing and navigating the Settings Menu

Press and hold the left endless knob to open the Settings Menu.

On the left screen you will see the main menu. The right screen will display the sub-menu related to the current item selected on the main menu.

Scroll the options in the main menu by rotating the left knob. Some options have a toggle indicator that can be triggered by quick pressing the left knob. These options have a "[ ]" or "[x]" indicating the state of the toggle. For example, the Hardware Bypass can be turned on or off by pressing the left knob.

Scroll the sub-options using the right knob. Quick press the right knob to access a third level menu or to just turn on and off the selected option.

Press and hold the left knob again to exit the Settings Menu.


Current Pedalboard

This option allows you to restore the default state of the pedalboard, or to override it with the current state.

Selecting the "Restore default" option on the right screen will discard any changes you might have made to any parameter of any plugin and restore the state of the pedalboard as it was the last time it was saved.

Selecting the "Save state" option on the right screen will save the current state of all parameters of all plugins. Next time you load the pedalboard or choose the "Restore default" option, the pedalboard will go back to this state.

Note: You can only access these setting when you are disconnected from your computer.

Hardware Bypass

Both MOD Duo and MOD Duo X have a true bypass circuit for each pair of input/output. This allows you to physically connect input 1 to output 1, and input 2 to output 2. The true bypass is enabled when the device is off and it is automatically disabled after the current pedalboard is loaded.

This option allows you to quickly activate the Hardware bypass to both channels or independently bypass each channel.

Quick bypass

Quick press left knob to quickly turn Bypass on and off. On the left screen you will see "Bypass [ ]" indicating that the bypass is off or "Bypass [x]" indicating that the bypass is on.

Hardware Bypass options

On the right-hand screen you can turn bypass on and off independently for channels 1 and 2 or for both.

You can also change the behavior of the "Quick bypass" by changing the last option called "Quick Bypass Channel(s)". You can set it so "Quick bypass" will bypass both channels (default) or only one of the two channels.

Tempo & Transport


User Profiles