Creating Audio Plugins

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WARNING: This page is currently being written, please check in later!

What is a plugin?

A plugin is an addition to an existing piece of software, to provide it with new features. For the MOD, each plugin is one effect: so each effect installed on your MOD is a "plugin". The MOD is aware of the plugins currently installed, and is able to use them to process your guitar's audio.

TODO: explain audio block, parameters, states and presets

LV2 standard

TODO: explain ports, extensions, host-side presets, static ttl

Basic skeleton

TODO: lv2.h plugin struct, lv2_instantiate call and export symbol

Alternative Frameworks

TODO: Juce and DPF. (Juce WIP)

Alternative Methods

TODO: Faust, Max/MSP, Puredata. Also csound, lua, contact if interested.

Setting up the turtle data

TODO: how hosts know what plugin has, meta-data TODO: Caution, human-error, typos.

LV2 book