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Control Chain is an open standard developed by MOD Devices that defines communication protocol, electrical specification, cables and connectors. It's used to interconnect external controllers (a.k.a peripheral devices) as expression pedals and foot-switches extension to MOD devices, for example the MOD Duo.

The external controllers are connected to the MOD using a regular Ethernet patch cable and they have two connectors, what allows a next external controller to be connected, creating then a chain. The MOD will provide power supply to the controller via the patch cable.

Control Chain support is available only from version 1.4

How to use Control Chain devices

The external controllers are connected using an Ethernet patch cable coming from the MOD Control Chain port to the Main port of the controller. To connect the next controller the cable should connect the Next port of the previous controller to the Main port of the next controller.

[image here]

Once the controller is connected it will be automatically detected and ready to use. The actuators of each Control Chain device will show up as option to be mapped in the plugin configuration screen. See accessing plugin configuration screen for details.

Control Chain devices list

To see a list with all connected Control Chain devices click on the Control Chain icon on the bottom-right of the screen.

Control Chain devices list

How to upgrade Control Chain devices

Once a new firmware of a Control Chain device be available, the Web Graphical interface will warn you. To proceed with the upgrading click on Download button to download the latest firmware and then follow the instructions on the screen that is also replicated here.

Cc-device-upgrade-available.jpg Cc-device-download.jpg

Upgrading the Footswitch Extension device (FootEx)

  1. Disconnect the FootEx device from the Control Chain port
  2. Hold down the footswitch #1 on the FootEx device
  3. While the footswitch is depressed, connect the FootEx to the MOD via USB cable
  4. Wait for the "update completed" message
  5. Disconnect the FootEx from the USB port
  6. Connect it to the Control Chain port once again

Note: The upgrade should only take a few seconds.