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=Official MOD pages=
=Official MOD pages=
*[moddevices.com MOD homepage]
*[https://moddevices.com MOD homepage]
*[moddevices.com/releases Manual firmware updates]
*[moddevices.com/releases Manual firmware updates]

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This chapter provides you with links to useful content, most of the time related to the MOD Duo.

Official MOD pages

  • MOD homepage
  • [moddevices.com/releases Manual firmware updates]
  • [forum.moddevices.com MOD forum]
  • [lists.moddevices.com MOD mailing lists]
  • [blog.moddevices.com MOD blog]
  • [pedalboards.moddevices.com Shared pedalboards]
  • [pedalboards.moddevices.com/plugins Collection of plugins]

Social media

For developers