Chapter 3: Plugins

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In short, a plugin is the software counterpart to the physical effect unit. Plugins can do a variety of things, from simply adding some distortion to your sound to simulating a guitar amplifier to running a complete synthesizer with over 50 different knobs to twist and turn!

Available plugins

The MOD Duo has an ever expanding collection of plugins available, so


The plugins inside the MOD Duo are split up based on the categories that they fall within. These categories are found in various places, most notably in the plugin store and in the pedalboard builder.

A list of available categories is found below:

Category Includes
Delay Delay, Echo
Distortion Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Wave-shaper
Dynamics Compressor, Limiter
Filter Filter, Equalizer, (Auto-)Wah, Envelope Filter
Generator Synthesizer, Piano, Organ, Drums, Noise, SoundFonts
Modulator Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo, Ring modulator
Reverb Reverb
Simulator Amplifier, Cabinet, Leslie, Tube
Spatial Panner, Auto-panner, Stereo field manipulator
Spectral Pitch-shifter, Autotune, Harmonizer, Vocoder
Utility MIDI processing/generating, Volume, Looper, Switcher

Recurring names

Because a lot of the available plugins are created by external developers, these plugins sometimes share part of a name. For example, we have quite a lot of plugins by MDA, so you will come across plugins that have MDA somewhere in their name.

Finding the right plugin

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Creating your own plugin

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